CoinGate is a reputable and well established Bitcoin exchange. CoinGate enables you to buy bitcoin using your Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) and buy products from ModAF. 

We've outlined the steps below. For any support please contact us.

Step 1

When you are ready to complete your purchase, leave Bitcoin selected and click on the CoinGate link in the Pay by Credit Card section. This will open up a new window. 

Return to the checkout window and press "Place Order".

Step 2

After clicking "Place Order", you will be presented with the following screen. Copy the Bitcoin (BTC) amount due and the wallet address. 

Step 3

Return to the CoinGate browser window and paste the wallet address and Bitcoin total into the respective CoinGate fields. 

NOTE: Do not type in the USD amount, as this will cause an error. 

Step 4

Select Credit/Debit card as the payment method and enter your card details. You will be required to verify your Bitcoin order.

Once your CoinGate transaction is completed, your Mod AF order will proceed as a standard Bitcoin purchase. You will receive order verification once the required number of Bitcoin confirmations have been received.